Interactive Online Guide for the transformation of structured data

The interactive Structured Data Transformation Online Guide provides guidance on the data mapping and transformation process that will facilitate the aggregation, unified access and successful management of heterogeneous data. It is intended for content providers who wish to transform their data and make it available to knowledge repositories, and is educational in nature. The online […]

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Interactive online guide for creating thesauri and connect them into a thesauri federation under a meta-thesaurus.

This is an interactive tutorial on how to create thesauri that will facilitate successful searches in information systems that contain documents or data records. It consists of several training modules with information relating to various thesauri issues. It aims to provide users with information on how to build a thesaurus and contains definitions regarding concepts and terms, as well as methodological principles and guidelines. The intended users of the tutorial include students, researcher, academics, museum, archives and other cultural institution professionals, as well as developers of systems that manage and maintain thesauri.

It was chosen to develop the online thesaurus guide in English in order to maximise its dissemination in the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH-EU).

Thesauri tutorial

Thesauri can be defined as “a controlled and structured vocabulary in which concepts are represented by terms, organized so that relationships between concepts are made explicit” (ISO 25964). However, originally, thesauri (derived from the Greek “θησαυρός”, meaning ‘treasury’ or ‘treasure house’) were not  structured vocabularies  but words grouped together in relation to their context. The […]

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GUIDELINES to FAIRify data management and make data reusable (PARTHENOS)

A comprehensive set of PARTHENOS Guidelines to FAIRify data management and make data reusable is focusing on the topic of common policies. This compact guide offers twenty guidelines to align the efforts of data producers, data archivists and data users in humanities and social sciences to make research data as reusable as possible based upon […]

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Tutorial for the FRBRoo

The aim of this tutorial is to familiarise you with the FRBRoo ontology by providing a detailed presentation of the concepts and the procedures that constitute the core of this conceptual model. To this end, several examples have been used, and different types of exercises are provided for you to experiment with. The content of […]

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