Cultural Heritage Data as Humanities Research Data? Book of Abstracts

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The “Digital Landscape” in Greece Web Survey

The way of working in the Humanities undergoes a digital transformation. The Greek Infrastructure for Digital Arts, Humanities and Language Research and Innovation “APOLLONIS” and the European research infrastructures DARIAH for the Arts and Humanities and CLARIN for Language Resources and Technology are important facilitating agents of this transformation in Greece and in Europe respectively. […]

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A historian’s perspective: Composing a prosopographical corpus

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From Dataset to Knowledge Graph: The “Chronology of Events 1940-1944” at the Academy of Athens (poster)

The paper deals with the curation of a collection created by the Modern Greek History Research Centre of the Academy of Athens in Greece. The collection is based on an archival series of the British Foreign Office from the period between the outbreak of the Greek-Italian War (October 1940) and the end of the Nazi […]

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DARIAH Annual Event 2022: Storytelling. Book of Abstarcts

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World War II and Occupied Europe: Stories from Greece

World War II and Occupied Europe: Stories from Greece Authors’ Names G.Chrysovitsanos*, A.Falierou*, H.Goulis*, A.Iakovidou*, P.Kalafata*, A.Karasimos*, H.Katsiadakis*, P.Potiropoulos*, E.Savaidou*, M.Spiliotopoulou*, G.Tzedopoulos*, E.Vernardaki* *DARIAH-GR/ΔΥΑΣ – Academy of Athens Abstract Digital storytelling exemplifies how scholars and educators can utilise technology to enrich research questions and to introduce innovative knowledge sharing methods. Digital storytelling converts the oldest […]

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D4.20 SSHOCro (final version)

This document serves as the definition of the SSHOC Reference Ontology (SSHOCro, v.1.0). SSHOCro proposes an ontological model and RDF schema to be used as a top-level ontology for organising knowledge and information found distributed across various primary sources of information in the Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud (SSHOC). SSHOCro aspires to provide a […]

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Aggregation and Curation of Historical Archive Information

Integrating archival information from different cultural heritage institutions to support historical research has been a commonly pursued goal among humanities digital research infrastructures. Due to the lack of standards in performing such processes, there is a need to provide guidance to interested parties and share knowledge deriving from successful practices. In this chapter, we introduce […]

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The Greek Landscape of Digital Humanities Initiatives

Presentation at Fiesole Retreat 2022, Athens, April 5 , 2022.

Over the last decade the Greek landscape of digital humanities has undergone considerable reframing. At the time of intense digitization, a significant number of cultural heritage institutions from across the country digitized and documented their collections, making them available online or locally for use by both specialists and wider audiences. This wave of digitization projects […]

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DH Goes Viral

ISBN: 978-618-85875-0-2
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5793151 (the digital version is free available under license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)).

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As a response to COVID-19 and while the onset of the pandemic was still in its very early stages, in April 2020 the Digital Curation Unit (DCU), Research and Innovation Center “Athena”, as co-ordinator of APOLLONIS, the Greek Infrastructure for Digital Arts, Humanities and Language Research and Innovation, organized a Twitter Conference under the title […]

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