ORCAH Open Researchers Community for the Arts and Humanities

ORCAH Open Researchers Community for the Arts and Humanities was developed by the Academy of Athens in collaboration with the School of Fine Arts and is supported by the Academy of Athens.

Humanities researchers, digital humanists and other cultural heritage professionals are encouraged to register with ORCAH and become a member of the ORCAH community.

Within the framework of the research infrastructure project APOLLONIS: National Infrastructure for the Digital Arts and Humanities and for Language Research and Innovation, the Academy of Athens and the School of Fine Arts are compiling a registry of arts and humanities researchers. It aims to encourage networking and information activities in order to facilitate its members in carrying out their work.

The minimum requirements for becoming member of the registry are either a master’s degree from a university department or, alternatively, membership in a recognized scientific body.
To achieve its mission, ORCAH wishes to exploit to the fullest the services of the platform of the international non-profit organization Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) for the benefit of Greek researchers in the arts and humanities.
The ORCAH researchers registry is a service of DARIAH-GR/DYAS, offered through the DYAS website and initially displays the following information:

  • First Name, Last Name (in Greek)
  • First Name, Last Name (in English)
  • Research interest(s)
  • ORCID number

In the future, the registry will be enriched with other functionalities, for which there will be a relevant update.

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