Meeting with librarians, archivists and information scientists

Friday, November 18, 2022
Humanities and Social Sciences Focus Groups
Online meeting
Organiser: Digital Curation Unit, IMSI, Athena Research Center

The librarians, archivists, and information scientists focus group aims to complement, cross-check, and verify the findings of an online research about participants’ experiences and impressions of the use, usability, and effectiveness of digital methods and tools that they either used, or developed, or adapted in the context of their work, with particular emphasis on the needs of the Humanities researchers they were asked to serve.
During the meeting, the following questions were discussed:
Q1: Icebreaker (TBD)
Q2: Brief description of an individual or group research project in the field of Digital Humanities that you participated in or attended (unprepared question)
Q3: What digital methods and tools were used/developed/configured during the work?
Q4: What needs have you been called upon to address in order to serve/support Humanities researchers? In what phases and for what purpose each time?
Q5: What were the main problems you encountered while using them and why?
Q6: In your collaboration with specialists from the field of Humanities and Social Sciences, have you identified any preference or any difficulty regarding the digital methods and digital tools used or those in general use? How do you explain it?
Q7: Suggestions for improving digital tools used in projects like the one you described. What would you have done differently if you were to do the project again?

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