The paper briefly presents the benefits of joining the Backbone Thesaurus (BBT) federation and becoming part of a gradually growing community of thesauri maintainers. It focuses on the experience of DAI and FRANTIQ as use cases of existing thesauri holders that have aligned to the BBT. The latter is the research outcome of work undertaken by the Thesaurus Maintenance WG to design and establish a coherent overarching thesaurus for the Humanities, under which specialist thesauri and structured vocabularies used across scholarly communities can be aligned. Its core feature is that it promotes alignment of cutting-edge terminology to well-formed general terms of the meta-thesaurus capturing general meanings. It favors a loose integration of multiple thesauri, by means of mapping them to a small set of top-level concepts (facets and hierarchies), enabling cross-disciplinary resource discovery, while ensuring compatibility with thesauri that cover highly specific scientific domains and areas of knowledge in development.

zenodo: BBT User stories. Benefits from joining the thesaurus federation