Mapping Memory Manager (3M)

It was created and is supported by the Cultural Informatics Center of the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (CCI-FORTH – HELLAS).

The 3M editor is a web application to create and edit X3ML-based mapping definitions. 3M is a system for managing mapping files.
The main features of the 3M editor are:
– Ability to match source and accumulator schemas
– Mapping based on ontology logic
– Ability to comment and justify
– Saving the mapping
– Option for separate snapshots.
It accepts as input an aggregator schema that can be e.g. an OWL file, and a provider schema. As output, it produces XM3L files.
3M is available at:
For further details on the 3M functions see the manual on the 3M home page.
The x3ml engine, which is available at:,  was used and extended for data transformation (which can also be performed through 3M).

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