NeDiMAH Methods Ontology – NeMO
It was created and is supported by the Digital Curation Unit of IMSI, Athena Research Center.


The NeDiMAH Methods Ontology (NeMO) is a comprehensive ontological model of research practice in the Arts and Humanities developed by the Digital Curation Unit within the NeDiMAH Research Network.
NeMO is a CIDOC CRM-compatible ontology that directly addresses the question of the interaction between actors involved in the research process such as actors (subjects and purposes), processes (activities and methods) and resources (information resources, tools, concepts). It is based on the results of extensive empirical research and modeling of research practices undertaken by the Digital Curation Unit within the DARIAH, EHRI and Europeana Cloud projects.
The web service enables navigation between concepts combined with textual definitions, selective access to ontology elements, examples, use studies and tabular presentations of mappings from the taxonomies of DH Commons, Oxford ICT and TaDiRAH to NeMO. NeMO allows the combination of documentation evidence of research practices from different perspectives and the use of different vocabularies, while it can also be used as an intermediate schema for integrating information. In addition, limited curation functions are provided to certified users to edit and maintain NeMO.
The maintenance and further development of NeMO was carried out by the Digital Curation Unit within the framework of DARIAH-GR and was a contribution to DARIAH-EU.
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