Semantic Network: Απολλωνίς

The Semantic Network Απολλωνίς application brings together in one platform the set of services in order to facilitate the integrated production, enrichment and publication of RDF datasets. Through the appropriate user interfaces, the data is imported by executing D2RML files, and is enriched by executing one or more notifiers on specific fields of the data. Finally, the generated RDF data set is published in a repository of RDF triples, where the user can easily perform searches using terms of the relevant vocabularies entered into the platform and based on which the enrichment has been done. To facilitate searches, the vocabularies of the dictionaries are indexed.
The Semantic network application was leveraged to produce an enriched RDF knowledge base with data from various organizations related to the 1940s in Greece.

The Semantic Network Απολλωνίς is a web application that provides semantic search services over a knowledge base with content related to the historical period of the 1940s in Greece.

Information Retrieval > Analysis-Content Analysis, Linked open data > Enrichment-Annotation; Dissemination-Publishing

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