TheMaS Thesaurus Management System

Watch the demo video of THEMAS environment and features: Themas video.

The Thesaurus Management System THEMAS is an open source online system for the creation, maintenance and management of multi-thematic, multilingual thesauri. It was developed and is supported by the Center for Cultural Informatics, Information Systems Laboratory, Institute of Informatics, Technology and Research Foundation within the project DARIAH CRETE National Digital Infrastructure for Research in the Arts and Humanities DYAS.
It is an ideal tool for analyzing the logical structure of thesauri, checking and ensuring their consistency, and one of the best choices for consistent management of a set of interconnected terminologies in a distributed environment, for data classification and access.
The software is offered as an open source solution.
Its special features include:
– support for workflow and multiple user groups
– flexible processing and search mechanisms
– adherence to consistency rules (ISO 2788)
– multiple presentation and navigation methods
– saving presentations
– viewing statistics
– import – export of data from/to XML
– create, copy, merge and delete thesauri
– backup and restore
– integration into information retrieval systems
– locking mechanisms to protect the system
– export data to skos
To directly test an installation of THEMAS with an English interface and data from a section of the Art & Architecture Thesaurus, enter our Themas demo test system by entering username demo and password demo. Instructions for using the system can be found in the left menu of the system above. Any data entered will be deleted after a few days.
For more about THEMAS : FORTH ISL – Thesaurus Management System.

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